More About Hanan

Hanan ElSobky is a graduate of The American University in Cairo with a degree in communication and media arts. Initially, she started her career in marketing and after a few years, and a lot of soul searching, she discovered that she wanted to pursue a more value-driven career. This is when she started training in coaching with some of the best coaches in the region like Ahmed El Aware, Monica Larrabeiti Loizaga, and more.

Having an LCE certification, and an ICEF ACC accreditation on the way, Hanan is constantly working on broadening her knowledge so that she may better serve her clients, alongside her passion for studying psychology allowed her to connect with her clients on a deeper level.

With over 180 hours of coaching and 60 clients under her belt, Hanan developed a coaching style that is more about leading her clients to discover their own selves and identify harmful cycles. Diving into emotions, thoughts, and values, the sessions focus on understanding behaviors and not just the events that led to those emotions. The sessions are completely judgment free, so the client can be comfortable in the journey of self-discover rather than worrying about how they may seem.